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Are You Thriving or Just Surviving? Here's What Inspired Me To Create The Infinity Organizer.

Every day I wake up with a burst of energy ready to commit to the day and make the changes I want to see. Only to find me at the end of the day overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations, disorganized thoughts and always scrambling to find my keys or my phone. Missing appointments, canceling social plans, pretty much forgetting and misplacing everything. My self-esteem began to deteriorate due to no accountability for my actions and blaming external circumstances for the reasons why I wasn't getting ahead or accomplishing any of the goals that I set.

I eventually started noticing that I was the common denominator in all of the issues in my life. And there was no one to blame but me. I knew the crying of the victim wouldn't get me far and my life is 100% my own responsibility. So I decided to commit to taking life one day at a time and one action at a time. I knew that I needed some help and phoning a friend wasn't going to solve this one.

I decided to start on this journey of personal development. I've been at it for about 5 years now.

Slowly turning my negative counterproductive thoughts into more positive productive ones.

One of my personal favorite self-development tools is journals. I love writing and releasing the day as it happens on paper. For me, it's like talking to a loyal, supportive, and non-biased friend. I got a little bored with the traditional journals and decided to create my own. I created an all-in-one journal, and organizer called The Infinity Organizer. I named it this because you can literally keep it forever.

The longevity and flexibility of The Infinity Organizer helps to take away the anxiety of searching for a new planner, journal, or both each year. I needed something colorful with a touch of glam that combined my written thoughts, doctors' appointments, due dates, and more. Once I made one for myself, I thought that I should make them available to others because it has been of great help to me.

I can see how becoming more organized has made a huge impact on my life. The anxiety that once had me down and spiraling has decreased substantially and I'm no longer missing appointments or other important dates. I've committed to writing in it daily, so now I know exactly where everything is.

I really hope The Infinity Organizer can help some other people out there in the world struggling with some of the same things I've mentioned. And if it doesn't do anything else, I hope it adds some SPARKLE in some of life's dullest moments.

Much Love and God Bless,

Shakila B.

Official release date 1/27/23

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